We are passionate about providing amputee families with the very best advice, tailored for their needs and so for the last 2/3 years, we have been trying to find the best model for providing amputee families with superb and tailored legal advice to them 121.

Our Trustees have handpicked these law firms whose specialism is in working with traumatic amputations.  They have the skills and experience to provide the best advice for us and Steel Bones families.

The majority will not have a claim but it is more than this and really crucial in ensuring everyone feels able to reach out for the information and advice they need and deserve.  but to also to gain a most important peace of mind if there are ever any questions that need answering.  READ MORE

Watch the Legal Experts’ Webinar

Legal Experts Hour providing insights into what to do when things go wrong with healthcare, accidents and anything else which you would like to discuss. 

Thank you very much to all who joined us for a webinar on how the legal partnership supports us day in day out. The feedback has been brilliant and really glad it gave an insight as to how and why our legal supporters are key to helping us support amputee families. Many people there said it has helped them meet the lawyers as people and understand why the legal partnership exists.

If you didnt make it and would like to listen in, click here: Legal Webinar 2024.mp4