“After coming across Steel Bones after a friend mentioned going to the celebration day, it has been very beneficial to connect with other amputees and their families to share experiences and create new friendships. The team at Steel Bones are all so friendly and welcoming and are people that I know are always there for the whole community of amputees”.


“Steel Bones is a fresh look and approach to the amputee community. Have been invited to talk at both events held so far it has grown 200% in followers and participation at all events. I personally will support Steel Bones in any way I can in the future. This charity needs the continued support of donors and fundraising to enable the good work to continue.”


“Steel Bones helped me to make new friends who were going through similar struggle to myself. They made me feel loved and appreciated. A great team of people”


“Steel Bones supported myself and my family after my amputation with some legal matters and helped me with finding support for the photography course I am currently studying. Without their fantastic support, I wouldn’t be where I am today.”


“I was introduced to Steel Bones via a mutual friend and without them I wouldn’t be where I am today. Both Leigh and Emma messaged me in the early days to offer help and support. Through them I was able to travel and meet other people and families in the same position as me. Through this I have found I can do more than I realise. They gave me the opportunity to play wheelchair tennis and have helped to find contacts north of the country where I live to help me do more tennis. It’s also helped my son to realise that amputation doesn’t mean life is over – it’s just done differently and just as fun as before.”


“Our daughter was really inspired by your message and loved the activities you ran. She has not stopped talking about how fantastic you all were. She isn’t always keen on school but your activities I think have been a real highlight. Amazing work and amazing communication to children about it!”