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About Steel Bones

Steel Bones helps amputee families live life to the full, helped by a proactive supportive peer community. It is run by amputee families for amputee families. The support we provide empowers the amputee and their family and friends to help them in moments of stress and crisis. Steel Bones is community-based and demand-led; it provides direct support where there is a geographical or service need and provides advice, guidance or signposting to relevant services to help amputee families navigate the complex, and often confusing, amputee support landscape.

We are a small, committed, hard working team dedicated to improving the lives of amputees and their families.  We pride ourselves on being able to tackle the most challenging circumstances and being able to work with local agencies, NHS and politicians to turn this around for the family.


The remaining 20% continue receiving 121 support until they can progress. This model of support enables every amputee to move forward.  Our documented track record shows 80% of the amputees we work with progress to independent living and socializing within 12 months.  

In one of our support groups we surveyed families we worked with across the last 6 months, before we began working with them 70% of them felt anxious and after 6 months of working with us this reduced to 14%. 

Not every amputee we work with requires such intense support but our mission is to ensure every amputee is aware of us and knows where we are if crisis hits them.

All our services, support, events and resources are free.
They are inclusive to all amputees, their families and professionals working with them.
  We are the fastest growing civilian amputee charity in the UK.


Media Update

  • 12,000 website visitors each year
  • 1500+ people on the Facebook group and 1.6k on Facebook page.
  • 1200 Twitter followers
  • 12-15 Enewsletters each year to 2000 subscribers
  • Tik Tok channel is now active and available to post videos with questions direct to the amputee community.

Beneficiaries And Team

  • We have over 1100 amputees registered with us as of April 2024 with 25-30 new families registering every month.
  • 30% of the families are from social media, 35% from Prosthetic centres which is increasing month on month as we build stronger connections with the NHS clinics. 2021, 5% are from other reasons and 30% are recommendations from a friend.
  • 248 families require 121 support as they are at crisis point. This number is constantly shifting as we work quickly to progress situations with Mps, Councillors, GPs, Prosthetic clinics and social services.
  • We are collaborating with Vascular Surgeons and Physiotherapists on a study of the contribution and impact of peer support in the amputee community. The results for this so far are:
    • 47% of our community met amputees for the first time through Steel Bones; 32% of those people had been an amputee for more than 5 years.
    • 73% of our survey participants felt more independent; 86% feel more motivated.
    • 80% of survey participants felt Steel Bones had improved their quality of life.
    • 87% felt sharing their experiences with peers was helpful.
    • The highest incentive for both patients and family members to join our community was for the social events and coffee mornings. We see demand for these increasing tenfold.
    • We have 10 Trustees.
    • 1 full time Director, part time Administrator CoOrdinator, 1 part time Volunteer Coordinator with 70 volunteers who are crucial to making Steel Bones happen day in day out.
    • 74% of our team including volunteers are amputees or amputee family members. We are committed to ensuring the people running and making decisions at Steel Bones have lived experience.

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If You Would Like To Help

We would love to work with yourselves in enabling our work to extend to more amputee families but to also empower and educate those who are not aware of your expertise and the options available to them. 

Our Sponsorship Wish List shows some of the ways you can support our work and some ideas as to what we could provide for you.  All of this is open for discussion and happy to be as flexible with it as much as we can be to suit what you are currently focusing on.

We are thankful for any support to help our amputee families


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