We absolutely love the AMAZING LEGS 4 AFRICA !! Their mission is to improve access to prosthetics in Africa. Across most of the world, prosthetic legs cannot be reused, so they end up in landfills along with our avocado stones and crunched up beer cans.

“Imagine that, a prosthetic leg languishing among the rubbish. What a sad end for an incredible piece of technology” – Ambassador Alex Brooker, as part of our BBC Radio 4 Appeal in 2020

Meanwhile, in sub-Saharan Africa, 1.7 million people are in need of a limb to help them live independent lives. Legs4Africa is the charity aiming to change this imbalance.

Since 2014, we have collected over 12,000 legs from mobility centres, funeral directors and individuals across Europe, Australia, Canada and the USA.

The Leicester Specialist Mobility Centre are proud to support Legs4Africa. Our patients and their families take great comfort knowing that their unwanted limbs and components are making a real difference to individuals, where the ability to be able to walk again means so much more than simply regaining mobility.

— Helen Naylor,  Lead Prosthetist, Leicester Specialist Mobility Centre, UK

If you have a prosthetic leg that is no longer being used, then join the thousands of other donors who have already recycled theirs. Complete the form at this link:

Sally is a bubbly 5 year old from the Northern Region of Ghana who had a below the knee amputation





Ruth is 13 years old and lives in Eastern Ghana with her 5 brothers and sisters. She is very sociable with her friends and her hopes for the future are to train to be a nurse when she leaves school.

Elliot used to be a bus conductor but lost both his legs in an accident when a car hit him whilst he was calling passengers to board the bus. It’s been hard for him to learn to walk with two prosthetics but it has all been worthwhile because now he can work again and can go to the mosque without having to rely on other people to take him.


Anita runs a vegetable business in the market but hasn’t been able to work since she lost her leg due to diabetes. To make it worse, she really missed chatting to friends and customers. However, now she has a new prosthetic leg and is happy to be back at work socialising with everyone in the market.

Born with a congenital disorder 18 year old Kevin was used to people viewing him as different to them. However, now he has a prosthetic leg which enables him to fit in with his friends and he is seen as just one of them.

Bobby is a 21 year old who was earning his living as a motor bike rider when he had a road accident and lost his leg. He felt it strongly when he wasn’t able to take part in activities with his friends but being fitted with a prosthetic leg means that he is able to do his job again and he is now able to keep up and enjoy the company of his friends – as he says ‘be part of the living’.