Steel Bones was the benefactor of two charity events that were held on the weekend of 28th and 29th October. These two events raised a staggering £1331.05 for Steel Bones to continue their work of raising awareness and friendships for the amputee community.

Leigh Joy Staines, Co Founder at Steel Bones UK says “We are beyond amazed and thankful for these two events that have created much needed funds for our charity to carry on with our hard work.”

Steel Bones was kindly chosen by Miss Bev King, Mrs Sarah Gardella, Miss Helen Carrington and Mrs Gabby Furze to be one of two charities to benefit from their annual Halloween disco held at The Beeches village hall in Isleham on the 28th October 2017. Each charity received a total of £390.85.

Leigh Continues “We are amazed by the generosity of our community at the event and thankful for the time given by the organizers. who do all of the planning and coordination of the annual disco.”

Less than 24 hours later, on the 29th October Mr Kevin French owner of Village Ink Tattoo in Exning, gave up his time, expertise and products to hold a sponsored tattoo event.

On the day, 13 people were sponsored to have the specially drawn Tattoo designed by Kevin for Steel Bones. Participants included Paralympian Snowboarder Owen Pick and Invictus Games medallist Wayne Harrod – one of the Steel Bones trustees.

A total of £1005.30 was raised, with £700 coming from Poppy Barringer’s family in Peterborough who, since Poppy had her leg amputated in June have all been impacted by the challenges and trauma she has endured.  Her parents, Fred and Odette Walker said “We just wanted to help raise funds as Steel Bones have done so much for Poppy and we have made some amazing friends”.

All funds raised will go towards future events for amputees along with funding the Limitless Games programme – a programme delivered by Steel Bones trustee Steve Morley and is an initiative for primary schools, providing education for young people about amputees and encouraging inclusion within sports, and everyday life.

Still in it’s infancy, Steel Bones has already successfully launched a weekly fitness club for not only amputees but anyone looking to begin their fitness journey.  

In May 2018 some of the Steel Bones family will be climbing Snowdon, which at 3,560ft, is the highest mountain in Wales and England.  A challenge for able bodied people of reasonable fitness and agility – for an amputee it will be tough and incredibly gruelling. Steel Bones will be gathering sponsorship for this incredible pursuit. For more information about the climb visit the Steel Bones newspage.


STEEL BONES charity is completely voluntary, working to connect the amputee community, create friendships and provide an extensive proactive support network by sharing latest news on stump health, promote healthy and active lifestyles, signpost useful services, therapists, personal trainers, sports clubs and provide flexible career opportunities through partners and associates.

The key focus for Steel Bones is offering support to new amputees, and their families – providing the guidance and companionship that they so often need, at an incredibly traumatic time.

We represent REAL people, with REAL needs.

Relief from poverty, distress, social and mental suffering

Education to advance public knowledge regarding amputation and it implications

Awareness in society of limb loss and the needs of families, supporters and carers

Lifestyle to inspire and encourage health and wellness to the amputee community

Visit for further information or contact