On 30th May 2018 a group of determined people will set off on an amazing challenge to become the first amputees to climb Mount Snowdon. The group hopes to raise funds for Steel Bones to enable the continuous support given to individuals and families that have suffered limb loss across the UK. 

Heading up the challenge will be Paul Clark, who became an amputee just last year, and after having surgery in 2014 had a major bone infection, which resulted in the loss of a limb.

Paul says “Climbing Snowdon was a personal goal of mine before my amputation and I feel it is a great way to achieve my own personal ambition, whilst also raising funds for the charity that has helped me so much.”

Amputees from around the UK will be joining us, and we currently have a group of 18 people ready to take on the challenge. In order to achieve this challenge, we do need some financial support to help pay for things like travel, supplies, equipment, food and so on.

If you can contribute in any way, financially or otherwise, or if you are a business owner that would like to sponsor the event (which we hope will be highly publicised), please contact us at hello@steelbone.co.uk