It was a very exciting week last week!! The Steel Bones Shop went live.  Yes this means you can now purchase Steel Bones items wherever you are.  These currently include t shirts, pens, notepads, hats and some brand new exciting merchandise which will be coming in the next few weeks. Prices of all items cover the low costs we buy them in at and also a £2 donation to Steel Bones.  SO not only will you be able to enjoy some stylish new items but also you will be contributing to keeping our work going.

For all global orders please email

Leigh Joy-Staines is our Online Shop Manager and he is looking forward to receiving orders and sending them out promptly to you all.  To celebrate this new venture we will add a Steel Bones Tote Bag for free to every order received before 1st March.

Click here to view the BRAND NEW STEEL BONES SHOP