Hi! Josh and I are final year mechanical engineering students from Imperial College London. We started work on prostheses initially as a university project to build a below elbow device. We soon had come up with a design that was self-adjustable, comfortable, and importantly – cost 100X less than current alternatives.

We have since founded Mitt, to continue this work and bring our prostheses to the community!

Our main drive is to give people with limb loss independence over their own prosthesis and their own bodies with a device that the you can fit yourself, and adjusts as you change size. By providing direct to users, we can bypass expensive and time consuming middle-men. We’re starting with arms (below elbow) but the goal is to continue and expand to all levels of limb loss.

We are currently in the prototyping phase and are very keen to continue to collaborate with the people that actually use prostheses. With your help we would love to run a 4 week pilot with 10 or so people with below elbow limb loss. Each volunteer would receive an arm to try out, we would then check in once a week for a month to see what they like and see how we can improve.