Those with appointments will already know but to make all aware here is a recent update from Alex, Manager of Clinic 9 Addenbrookes…

As you can imagine we are going through HUGE changes here at the prosthetics department. We are in an ever changing situation, which has seen the majority fitting rooms being used as emergency minors dept which has placed huge strain on appointments but urgently necessary.  As of Monday we are being advised to stop our normal service with the exception of patients whose health as at imminent risk of severe deterioration and potential hospitalization if not seen.

This is obviously a huge shift in normal service and we are all struggling with the changes here as we always want what is best for our patients. Please know that the decision to cancel appointments is not one we take lightly and every single patient’s case is being considered individually with some needing heavier debate than others. If you are planning to self-isolate or have an appointment you don’t plan to attend, please call and let us know as it will be one less appointment for us to triage.

When this is all over we will of course aim to get back to normal service as soon as possible but we would appreciate your patience and understanding that that process may also be a stressful one as we will have a huge list of people who are going to be desperate to attend. We will again be prioritising those at the greatest need.

All the clinicians, admin and technicians send their best at this difficult time and look forward to seeing you soon.  This is going to be a very testing time for the whole country, our sincerest thanks for your understanding at this time.  Stay well and see you on the other side !

Alex Tyler, Manager of Clinic 9