With fuel prices going through the roof, we all need to try to shop around for the best prices. For anybody who uses oil as their source for heat etc. have you joined the oil club?

If, like me, you order oil from a regular supplier, please get at least a second quote before placing your order. I recently joined the oil club. I receive an email every weekend with their rate. Last weekend for example, was 0.8420 per litre. I needed oil, so contacted my usual supplier who quoted 105.0 per litre. I said I had a cheaper quote from the oil club which they matched all but a penny, saving me £90. That’s 3 weeks food shopping!

I needed oil urgently so needed a quick delivery but if you can wait a few extra days, you could save so much by ordering with the oil club.

You can join here for free: www.oil-club.co.uk

I also want to make sure you are doing everything possible to protect your precious oil from ever increasing thefts.

A couple of tips:

If your tank is in the front of your property in view from the roadside, try to hide it with trellis and plants, tall shrubs or fence it in.

Fit as many strong locks as possible and a very loud alarm.