WOOP WOOP we just finished the final workshop with The Cranfield Trust.

The Cranfield Trust is a national charity taking practical action to support the development of successful voluntary sector organisations. For 30 years, they have been transforming organisations by sharing business skills with charities to empower learning and improve lives.

They offer all of their services at no cost, thanks to the generous support of funders, individual donors, corporate partners and our network of skilled volunteers

Steel Bones were selected to receive this generous support due to our growth, success and potential ! We were assigned a volunteer consultant called Will.  Will has been working with Founders, Leigh and Emma since January to pull together a business plan to take Steel Bones forward through the next few years and draft the action plan to make it happen.

Part of that work was to run workshops with our Trustees and Team to work through the big picture together. The workshops were absolutely brilliant with great, open and thorough discussions reflecting on why, what and how in All aspects of Steel Bones life.

You know we thrive best when our community is at the heart of all decisions so we shall be in touch soon to share more about this and ask for your thoughts. Your feedback In last years WHAT NEXT SURVEY featured very highly in discussions so thank you to everyone who completed this.

MASSIVE THANK YOU TO CRANFIELD TRUST for such brilliant consultancy – we are so grateful for the opportunity to be one of the chosen charities for this fantastic programme.


THANK YOU to the Team and Trustees who have given their time and brains to knuckle through some big questions.  We are working to ensure Steel Bones helps as many families as possible with its limited resources and ensure it’s here in another 100 years serving the amputee community. #FutureisHere #SteelBonesUK