We are loving joining in on the Clap For Carers every Thursday 8pm.  Many amputees, amputee family members are working on the frontline including one of our Trustees. Thank you will never be enough to cover it but we shall never ever forget what these people have done to keep the country going.

An Amputee’s best friend is their Prosthetist and with the centres now sticking to emergency cases only.  The Prosthetists and Orthotists we know and love are being redeployed across the NHS to step in where they can and bolster the troops.

We have spoken to Opcare who manage the majority or NHS Amputee Clinics.  Treats and cards wishing the staff well would be greatly appreciated.  So which children or adults be up for sending the clinics as many colourings and cards wish them all well, thanking them for their efforts at these unprecedented times?

If you are then create your well wishes and send them to your amputee clinic.  We would love to see them so if you are able to take a photo of them and send to us via email hello@steelbone.co.uk or send it to us on social media with the hashtag #ThankYouNHS #Prosthetist #AmputeesBestFriend