As a result, we can now plan our future activities knowing what is most important to you.  The top 3 priorities identified in the survey by respondents were:

  1. Face to Face Events
  2. Meeting others like you
  3. Maximising income and financial savviness

We have already got 8 regular meet ups being organised in local areas along with 6 activity days including our Christmas and Summer Get togethers.  There will be more to come too.  We are planning on launching 4-5 fitness clubs in the East in the next 3-6 months, we are just waiting on funding to come through.

We know keeping our events and activities free ensures they remain open to all, so we are so excited to be able to have an exciting year ahead and no doubt more will be added as funding is confirmed.

We are also finalising plans to formalise the benefits support programme and establish a team to manage the huge amount of enquiries Wendy is navigating.

What came over really strongly was how much you value our proactive support which makes a real difference to your lives.  This is exactly why we exist, to ensure you have the back up you need to live your life as you wish. 82% of respondents said they would strongly recommend us to others.  This word of mouth recommendation is the most important to us because our mission is to help as many amputees and their families as possible. We will endeavour to build upon this going forward too and keep improving what we can provide.

We had some really wonderful comments from respondents:

Steel Bones is a very special organisation. They are providing so much support to the community of amputees and on so many levels. many members would be lost without it.

it’s getting the right one with the same friendly service that Steel Bones has.

I honestly wouldn’t know from being an amputee of almost 39 years I have never had any support on the way Steel Bones helps.  I’ve always felt amputees are forgotten people left to fend for there self heart-breaking really.

Would be very difficult to find another service that provides the amount of different things steel bones can offer.

There’s no one who helps me like steel bones they all say they want to help and don’t do anything.

There isn’t anyone helping like steel bones.

There are other charities out there and services but none I feel confident to know will address issues like Steel bones.