So in August this year we asked you what you thought about STEEL BONES. We were bowled over by the response. Here’s a debrief of the results.

90% of you loved the events we put on

90% of you want more events – GREAT NEWS WE HAVE LOTS MORE PLANNED !! But if you have any specific events or hobbies you would Love to do let us know as we only

ever want to do what YOU want !!

Here’s some of the responses to the question “What do you most enjoy about Steel Bones?”

“They all very friendly and come together like my own family. they are always there”

“Advice, sharing advice, great togetherness, clinic support and fitness clubs”

“Sense of community and help”

“The friendships and the fitness club”

“The interaction with amps is most beneficial. They know answers to questions and if they don’t know straight away they come back to you.”

“The day was great and future events and future activities, it’s really nice to not have something solely sport orientated”

“The friendship, the positivity, the affirmation… ‘It is good to be an amputee’!!”

“Family orientated”

“brings people together as families and not just amputees”

100% of respondents agreed there was nothing they didn’t like they just want more of Steel Bones local to them. 

Here’s some fabulous responses to our question “What makes Steel Bones Different? “ 

“You meet people like me and they plan events to meet new people”

“You make a REAL difference that is quickly seen”

“They are specifically interested in supporting amputees.”

“Like a family”

“There isn’t anything like steel bones in north east”

“It’s not solely about sports and has a personal community touch”

“The people!! The friendliness, the mutual support, the variety of people involved! The ‘unstuffiness’.”

“All inclusive no one is left out for amputees and their families they involve the whole family and not just the amputee”

We loved hearing what you need help with….

“just someone to talk to when going through bad times”

“Nothing really but knowing your there to help when the need arises is comforting”

“Nothing now steel bones have sorted all our problems”

“Would like a midweek fitness club session”

“knowledge of more local people and clubs to me”

Steel Bones Trustees have taken note of this valuable impact Steel Bones is having and we want to do more to help more amputee families. We will always want to hear from amputee families on what you need and want out of Steel Bones it is the only way to push forward with amputee families at the heart of all we do.

In January 2019 we shall be establishing our Management Team which will build a fantastic infrastructure to enable us to act on some of these brilliant new ideas but also do more of what we love doing SUPPORTING AMPUTEE FAMILIES 121 FIRST AND FOREMOST 

Thank you for your input in making Steel Bones what it is today: FOR AMPUTEE FAMILIES BY AMPUTEE FAMILIES and here’s to a very exciting future doing more of just that !