Hello all… I am a mum of four, they are all amazing. I have one step son, another two boys and then a little girl. I work full time supporting families and children.  I love my job and have been doing it for 10 years.  I have a brilliant collegues, friends and family and everyone around me is supportive.

My orginal injury to my leg was at the age of 12. I jumped into a shallow river and hit my feet on the bottom. one recovered, the other presented numerous problems…. chronic pain, lack of circulation, reduced growth etc I developed osteoporosis due to over using and under using different bones; the pain was unmanageable my leg was also a lot smaller and shorter. I used crutches for 22 years and tried everything to beable to walk again. I didnt want to be held back by anything and at times i had to just focus on my career or family and tried to manage the pain anyway i could. However i felt i wasn’t able to be the person i wanted to be; i could hold my children’s hands while out, if hurt i couldnt carry them, i wanted always to be able to walk.

I decided to ask about amputation (terrifiying this its self took a few years for me to gain the courage), i felt like I was a failure and had let my self down by not getting my leg better.  Amazing suppprt from a friend who held my hand and my family a wait was lifted when i found the medical professionals agreed with the amputation without a battle. Nothing could make it any worse and it would prevent future problems; however no promises but the unspoken possibility that things could improve for me was also the ultimate goal (i tried not to get my hope up).

At this time I found out that I was pregnant. I paniced they would stop the amputaion plans and decided for myself i would manage better if things continued as planned. The consultant agreed to operate after my daughter was born; I expressed milk from 3 days after she was born to make sure i had enouhh milk ready for my op. My mum came and helped out for as long as i needed her everyone was at hand and i planned everything to make it as easy as possible. My husband took all my worries and concerns and just stood by me and the children who where also brilliant. I had the amputation when my daughter was 8 weeks old in August 2015, my original injury was in August 1993. I was home 5 days later and back with my amazing family, i wont lie it was tough but it was the best decision  I have made, i felt better as early as in the recovery room. I had my walking training 2months later my daughter sleeping in the car seat and my friends husband and boys all cheering me on. My leg came home in november … the first time i walked in 22 years i loved it; physiotherapy and all my personal goals started growing, although i wanted to run before i could literally walk.  I have now been walking for 2 years now this November on my prosthetic and 1 year without aids. (i am kind of phobic of them i dont want them back)

In my first year as an amputee I ran the race for life 5km with the support of my amazing family and friends and this year I completed the 10km race for life again i found my friends by my side i could have done this without them.  In 2018 I plan to run the 20km half marathon in Cardiff and also climb Mount Snowden next year to fundraise for Steel Bones as I am loving being  so active and being part of the amputee community has been invaluable in my journey. Its very important to me to help others as they have me.  It helps me massively to have such amazing goals that help others, not just by raising money, but also by showing everyone how much fun walking is and motivating others to find their potential.  Here’s my page in case anyone might like to sponsor https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/Claire-Blackburn3

I love that I can walk and achieve these great things. Onwards and upwards, I am very excited for 2018 !!