The Steel Bones team works hard to help Amputees & their families with all sorts of issues mostly benefits applications, housing problems, peer support and providing FREE events and activities for all the family. We work tirelessly, we love doing so, to ensure those amputees living in the darkest times gather the strength they need to push on as well as celebrating the best of times for those enjoying milestones.
Each family we work with agrees to adhere to our community culture & family agreement when they register with us. This community works together with mutual respect for the greater good. We can only work with those who follow this.
We ask you all to help us maintain this in treating each other and our team respectfully & kindly. Thank you for your help with this😊

Steel Bones Agreement: We are passionate about providing excellent, empowering support to amputee families

We at Steel Bones agree to empower and support your family through one or more of the following, dependent on volunteers and resources available:

  • Introduction email or phone call from a team member
  • Send a Steel Bones family support pack
  • Speaking with prosthetic, housing and/or occupational therapists on your behalf, when requested, to resolve tricky problems or speed up delayed action
  • Provide research on grants that the family can apply for adaptations to the home/workplace or retraining for new careers
  • Signpost to experts on benefits, housing advice
  • Provide amputee group events open to all
  • Signposting to hobby or sports clubs suitable
  • Please read more here on the ways Steel Bones helps amputee families:
  • Send a monthly e-newsletter
  • Maintain Proper practice of collecting and holding data in line with Privacy Policy found here

Everyone involved in our Community agrees to maintain the Community Culture.  Our key elements to this are






Any personal information you give to us will be held confidentially in line with current Data Protection legislation and our GDPR, Confidentiality Policies.  However, if we have concerns regarding any danger to yourself or others, we have a duty of care to report these.  All safeguarding concerns are reported to one of our Designated Safeguarding Officers (Director or Chairman)

Amputee families working with Steel Bones will always:

  • CO-OPERATE AND SUPPORT ONE ANOTHER: We want to ensure that everyone gets the most out of their engagement with the charity. We value an ethos of comradeship and will uphold the reputation of the charity through co-operation and mutual support. The relationship between beneficiaries and Steel Bones UK staff and volunteers should be professional, collaborative, and help maintain the wellbeing of everybody involved with the charity.
  • Steel Bones will not accept any form of verbal abuse, physical aggression, inappropriate sexualised behaviour, bullying or unreasonable demands. Our behaviours should include our values of kindness, dignity, and friendliness.
  • Families should not be intoxicated when speaking to us. Family Mentors will end the call or visit and contact 48 hours later to do a wellbeing check.
  • Openness and honesty: from all involved to ensure we can access the right and best support for you
  • Respect The Steel Bones Social Media Policy and Facebook Group Rules
  • Respect Steel Bones Team are mainly volunteers besides 1 Full Time and 3 Part Time employees so please be patient with us as we undergo massive transition in building our resources to enable us to help more families.
  • Respect our opening hours 10am-7pm each weekday and 10-4pm every Saturday. The line relies on volunteers to man it so please leave a message if we are unable to pick up your call and we shall respond within 48 hours. Outside these hours please email us on and we shall attend to the email within 48 hours. 01223 734 000
  • Like our Facebook Page; ‘STEEL BONES’ and join our Facebook group ‘STEEL BONES’
  • We try to keep all support to email and phonecalls to help us help as many people as possible. Family mentors will only visit homes when necessary and will do so with a fellow Family mentor colleague. If a face to face catch up is necessary we will arrange these in cafes.
  • Family Mentors or Trustees cannot accept any gifts. They instead ask that you donate any value you choose to Steel Bones as a token of thanks. Steel Bones rewards and recognizes team members regularly.  The team are very grateful for any donations you choose to gift and prefer this to go back into the organization so we can help as many people as possible.
  • Click here to sign up to our emailing list and register for your family support pack:

All beneficiaries, staff and volunteers will be made aware of this agreement, our code of conduct. Awareness training and how to respond in the event of an incident will be provided for all staff, and volunteers with ongoing support through line management.

We will seek to resolve any issues or conflicts informally. However, there may be occasions where Steel Bones may take formal action. This may include, for example, a verbal or written notice of advice, a change in the way we provide services or a termination of support.

Beneficiaries have a right to use the Steel Bones complaints procedure in relation to any action taken against them regarding a considered breach of the beneficiary code of conduct.

Within Steel Bones, there are other policies and procedures which underpin the work we do. Further information can be found on our policies page: Steel Bones Policy Catalogue.docx


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