We had another fantastic meeting with Opcare at Clinic 9 Rehab Centre at Addenbrookes with Mark Deer and the team.   On this occasion we were also extremely lucky to be joined by NHS ENGLAND PROSTHETIC REVIEW who listened brilliantly to Sean’s, Leigh’s and Paul’s experiences with prosthetics and we hope everyone felt it was a great opportunity which enabled everyone to contribute.

Immediate action points from Steel Bones point of view:
1. We sent some More posters to clinic 9 and support packs for Dr Kirker to take when visiting amputees to be. Mark has displayed the posters in the clinic rooms too which is great !
2. We have also sent new  amputee football poster we are really trying to increase numbers we have good core group but obviously want more as we are keen to start entering leagues/competitions.
3. We have sent through a poster for the NHS Prosthetic review too which is displayed throughout the centre

Our main headlines from Steel Bones’ point of view, which we think of tackled would have a massive impact on improving the prosthetic provision:
1. user groups are imperative, excellent passionate stable centre team essential
2. multi disciplinary care needs new approach  although more intensive it does need thought on how this can improve
3 prescription needs upping so you guys can prescribe essentials – single parents absolutely need water leg
4. another prosthetic degree needs to be made available and perhaps scholarship system for amputees to undertake

All the amputees thought Roy took time and effort to listen carefully and respond where ever possible.

Once again thank you to everyone who attended – we are just waiting to confirm the next date. We are hoping it may be one evening just to allow a different time for different people to be able to attend. We are about to launch a group in Norwich and Colchester too which will be exciting !!

Hope to see you next time 🙂