We had another great catch up with the Opcare team at Clinic 9 today thanks so much for the insights and information.  Mark Deer, Regional Lead for Opcare, Dr Kirker, Rehabilitation Consultant and Lysa, Lead Amputee Physio were all present to talk to our group.  There’s quite a few developments particularly with the new facilities which will hopefully be officially launching in September.  First off something exciting !! Tennis Foundation have donated tennis equipment to the clinic and will be coaching the physio staff & Clinical staff through how best to use the equipment to start introducing tennis in sessions wherever helpful for patients.

Mark joined Opcare last year with a real focus on creating a more stable team and this seems to be having an impact already.

Charlotte is leaving unfortunately but is being replaced by Emma who will be a training to become a Clinical Support Technician. Opcare has invested £100k in Clinicians and Technician training and development   throughout 2018.  In August Sasha will be joining the team as a graduate dual practising clinician .  Opcare have actually employed 16 Prosthetist graduates for far this year, which should begin to relive pressure doubt nationally.

You will be pleased to know that Opcare is investing in developing its current team too with ensuring everyone undergoes soft skills training which is music to my ears, as there are often many difficult conversations held in the clinic rooms between the physio and prosthetists.  So we think a regular refresher of these skills is absolutely vital to ensuring the good or bad news is delivered in the very best way possible with the patient at the forefront always.

Dr Kirker has been keen to update the images in the clinic for some years.  Mark is also keen to do this and so they have asked if we can send everyday photos in of amputees doing everyday things such as walking the dog, doing the school run, cooking a meal, working in a vehicle.  Whatever it may be please send your photos to hello@steelbone.co.uk.  The Opcare team and I think all of us would benefit hugely from seeing some reality reflected on the walls and it would make it a little more interesting for us.  We think this is a FANTASTIC IDEA and hope you do too.

Mark has always urged us to provide feedback so please continue completing the feedback forms in the reception area.  He also urges anyone with any issues or questions to email him directly at: mark.deer@opcare.co.uk or by calling the centre on 01223 243391  Please do not hesitate to contact him with anything big or little he is passionate about ensuring patients have the very best service and he is fantastic at getting answers to you 🙂

Our next Steel Bones club will be after the launch of the new facilities which is planned for September will let you know ASAP !!