Father Christmas telephoned us last week and asked if all the good boys and girls might like a special video message from him.

WE SAID ABSOLUTELY FATHER CHRISTMAS all the Steel Bones Boys and girls have been so well behaved and so brave in everything they deal with. As you know, Father Christmas is extremely busy and so he can only do 100 of these, which is still a HUGE AMOUNT !

Father Christmas really wants to help Steel Bones help more families so he just asks if you can send a donation, whatever you can afford, to this link in exchange for his video:

If you would like to have a personalised video message for your boys and girls please email ASAP with the following info:

1. Child’s Name

2. Childs date of birth

3. What child has done well in school?

4. One present they are definitely getting on Christmas Day

5. If they have been good this year

Send your donation, email your personalisation request and you shall receive these no later than 15th December. Requests can only be received before 12th December.