With just 4 days to go until this incredible team, take on the mighty challenge of climbing Mount Snowdon, the general feeling around the camp is of great excitement.

We caught up with Paul Clark, who has worked so hard behind the scenes to organise this amazing event, to ask how he was feeling. “Its getting very exciting and it has come around very quickly”. “Its great to be able to get a group of other amputees together and take on a challenge none of them would have dreamt of doing”. “Hopefully they are not too nervous, I’m sure they will all enjoy this experience as they are a fantastic group”. “My family are really looking forward to it and can’t wait to achieve our dream”.
“Everything is in place and I hope everyone, not only enjoys this climb but the few days we have together as a group. Its going to be a fantastic time”

Meet the Team
With just a few days to go, we asked the Team why they were taking on this massive challenge

The Clark Family
Riley said “it will be fun and I’m supporting my dad.”
Ella said “to support other amputees and raise money for Steel Bones.”
Summer said “to support my dad and all the other amputees.”
Sarah said “I’ve always wanted to climb Snowdon and what a great way to do it by supporting Steel Bones who supported us after Pauls amputation.”



“It will be fun, I have always wanted to climb a mountain, and I can help people at the same time.”



Claire Blackburn
“After not being able to walk for 22yrs, I want to find my full potential. I would love to motivate people just to try and not be held back on aiming to achieve their goals with this challenge ticking those boxes”.




Paul Felton

“I am climbing Snowdon, to be apart of a great challenge and to prove you can still achieve your goals after suffering a life changing experience, and to raise awareness that there is support groups out there when needed”. Paul will be joined by his wife Sharon.



Clare Norton

“I’m doing this walk because people need support and reassurance that life goes on after the loss of a limb. It’s the moral support, knowledge and contact with other amputees that makes the difference, hopefully we can help this charity grow into a big network”. Clare will be joined by her partner John.




Derek Nicoll

“I read Jordan Greenwoods story in the local paper, and then met him at our local gym and we became friends. He told me about the Snowdon climb, for Steel Bones and to help support other amputees. I’m very grateful to be apart of this challenge with this amazing team and I’m really looking forward to it.”





Vicki & Phillip Rees
Vicki: “I joined this challenge as I felt I needed something different to focus on and remind myself even though, being a amputee can be a challenge in itself, its still important to push yourself. Raising money for a great charity is a bonus.”
Phillip: “when Vicki was growing up there was no support in place at all, so its so nice to be able to help raise money for a charity that supports the amputee and their family.”



Marc Pitman

“I have always wanted to find a way of encouraging other people who have a disability, and I like to challenge myself. This is a great opportunity to do that and raise awareness to other amputees lacking confidence. I’m also helping Steel Bones, so they can continue their great work. I’m very excited but a little nervous.”



The Joy-Staines Family

Teddy said: “I cant wait to climb the massive mountain for my Dad and with all the other amputee families.  It is amazing to see us all come together and to help Steel Bones help more families is really special.”

Emma said: “I cannot believe its almost here, so excited to be apart of this challenge, climbing this mountain very much with my husband, Leigh in my heart, he is too poorly to climb right now but he will be with us every step pf the way.  We started Steel Bones because of some horrendous things he and we had experienced as a family so to see such an amazing group of people unite to raise funds to help us help more families has blown us away. Huge huge good luck to everyone involved IT IS GOING TO INCREDIBLE THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR EFFORTS AND HARD WORK and that goes to all the non climbers too who have supported us”


The Wales Family have been huge supporters of this event.  Pete is even videoing it as we climb and they have secured all the team sports wear and given phenomenal help behind the scenes.  THANK YOU SO MUCH WALES FAMILY !!

“We are thrilled to be joining an inspirational group on this challenge.  It’s incredible to be raising funds for a voluntary charity that makes a REAL impact on peoples lives daily.  Snowdon, we cant wait to conquer you !!”




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