I am currently working on research elements for my final exhibition piece for next year and would love some information or to talk to you about Prosthetics and there evolutionary impact on lives. My series of photographic work will contain people who wear prosthetics  in their daily lives, as I want the chance to express how prosthetic has progressed and changed the lives of people suffering with live-changing conditions at no fault of their own. I have always disagreed with the use of the word ‘disability’ that is attracted to amputees as I am a firm believer that they are more capable of achieving greatness and are just as strong and powerful as any other person. I have always been passionate about prosthetics as a family member sadly lost her arm and has worn a prosthetic for the last couple of years. This project is to highlight the amazing capabilities of people like yourself and the amazing strength of survivors combined together to create my body of work. I am inquiring if it is at all possible to photograph amputees and their prosthetics as part of my project. I understand this is a great ask but would love the chance to highlight the greatest that happens everyday and is not celebrated in the public domain.
I am a third year medical photography student, studying at the university and if you would like to see a portfolio of my work or ask any questions on my project, feel free to email (or email my lecturer if needed) or call me at any time.
Megan Ogley