We are so incredibly overwhelmed at the many different fundraising activities happening in aid of Steel Bones.  THANK YOU TO OUR INCREDIBLE FUNDRAISERS to see all the projects going on click here:  https://www.justgiving.com/steelbones

We are keen to feature these amazing charity heroes !! Here’s Colin Phelps’ story…

Colin got in touch with Steel Bones beginning of 2018.  Colin is keen to improve his fitness so he joined our weekly fitness club and got stuck into Steel Bones life.  Since joining he has lost a staggering 4.5 stone, which we are all so so proud of him for !! He is now currently an active member of our Event Committee leading the hunt for raffle prizes.  Colin has also just completed a very successful trip to Glasgow with the Steel Bones Quiz Team to participate in a special filming, of which more details will be revealed later in the year.  Colin is a great asset tot he Steel Bones family and we are just so very thrilled he has taken the huge challenges to swim 100 lengths.  Read more about Colin’s story here and please donate pennies or pound or share his story if you cannot donate.  https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/colin-phelps1

“I have been disabled all my life, ever since birth and without the support of others around me I don’t know how i would have lasted so long, feeling limited in what i can do feeling so demotivated. Steel Bones is a charity which supports amputees to come together as a group and participate in activities and have group chats to help each other so that we are not alone. I would be greatly honoured to help this charity.

If you wish to come and watch me do my sponsered swim

Date : Tuesday 14th August 2018

Location: Sports Direct Fitness, Moreton hall.

Time : 4pm”