We were invited to join OPUS at their second IFLY INDOOR SKYDIVING EVENT all I can say is WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW It was incredible to see the amputees and their family members complete this/   I must say they were all really brave, I didn’t do it myself but they had to put a lot of faith in the instructors but also massive faith in themselves.  The results were huge, I loved seeing the smiles on their faces once they were up in the air and saw them enjoying that moment of freedom and achievement.  It was phenomenal !  WELL DONE TO ALL THE AWESOME FLYERS !! Check out the flight of awesome Sandra from Opus: https://www.facebook.com/emma.l.norton.7/videos/10155873384128036/?t=3 Here’s some comments from participants about the flying:  

” The ifly event was brilliant! I couldn’t take part in the first one because I weighed too much, but I subsequently lost 2 stone, so was eligible to take part. I do suffer from claustrophobia & vertigo, so I was a little scared, especially after I got suited up with goggles & earplugs. The fly-guides were absolutely superb. They put my fears at rest and I was able to relax. I had 2 flights, the first was a bit scary at the beginning as air rushed at my face and I found it hard to breathe. Then I calmed down and it was OK. The second flight was utterly wonderful. I relaxed from the beginning and was taken up and down the vertical tube 3 times, just like flying. The experience was unforgettable.” Monica Richardson

” It was an exhilarating experience and found that I can be adventurous and met fellow amputees who all inspire me.” Graham Reeve 

Once all the group has participated the instructors gave us a spectacular flying show: https://www.facebook.com/emma.l.norton.7/videos/10155873348523036/?t=11  We also had a fantastic coffee catch up with Opus and xxx from Amputee Foundation – loved seeing you girls !!!       GUESS WHAT HOT OFF THE PRESS OPUS AND STEEL BONES are hosting a joint event in February.  Steel Bones have provided funding for 20 amputee family members with a casual supper afterwards.  If you want to join us click here