The Founders of a charity that supports amputees and their families were honoured to be nominated by the Lord Lieutenant of Cambridgeshire to be invited to the Buckingham Palace Royal Garden Party.   
Steel Bones, which was founded by amputee Leigh Joy-Staines and wife Emma, was established soon after Leigh lost his own leg following a botched operation when he was 25.  Following his discharge from hospital, Leigh found a severe lack of support and information related to what had happened to him.

It was fatherhood that inspired Leigh and Emma to start Steel Bones as a support group, which quickly snowballed into a registered charity due to demand.  It was a family affair, with the children helping pack envelopes and send parcels out to other families right at the start.  The name of the Charity came about by their Son’s reading of the children’s books, Funny Bones by Janet and Allan Ahlberg, and he suggested the group should be called STEEL BONES.There are exciting times ahead for Steel Bones as they have recently been granted their first 3 year grant from the National Lottery Reaching Communities Fund.   This will enable the whole team of Trustees and volunteers pushing Steel Bones forward, to boost resources and increase the team so they can help a further 750 amputee families across 3 years.

Children were unable to attend the Royal Garden Party, but the family spent the day in London together to mark this special moment of Steel Bones’ growth. he children went with their Grandmother on a bus tour of London as a special treat for all they have done to make Steel Bones happen.



As Emma said “The children inspired us to set the group, which we needed  as a family.  Since then, the whole community have united to support one another and provide the most amazing back up in the toughest of times.  We cannot even begin to put into words how much we thank all the amazing people who have supported us thus far.  None of it would be possible without everyone doing their bit.”
Leigh added “It is such a privilege to meet others in the same situation as us, who get it and who have the same thinking as we do. We all want to help each other do the best that we can.  It is such a powerful vibe in our community, and we are so very proud to represent the Steel Bones Family at this incredible event.  We are truly honoured to be here particularly as we are only just getting started.  There is so much more ahead for Steel Bones and we are very excited for the future of the community.”

The Garden Party was attended by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Princess Beatrice, Count and Countess of Wessex.  Leigh and Emma enjoyed some of the 20,000 delicious finger sandwiches, tasty cakes and Sandringham Apple Juice with Twining’s Garden Party Tea.  All of which were served in the Royal Tents whilst accompanied to the Big Band Music.  The National Anthem was played twice and were particularly rousing renditions.
Princess Beatrice first met the couple at the start of the event and had a lovely chat together and she said how excited she is to celebrate her Grandmother next week.  They were also able to meet all the Royals at the end of the event in a lined meet and greet in which both Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge were keen to learn about Steel Bones. This was such a special experience for Leigh, Emma and all who attended, a truly unforgettable day.

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Steel Bones is a registered charity working to connect the amputee community and inspire and support both amputees and their families through providing latest news, signposting to useful services and recommendations on therapists, personal trainers and potential career opportunities.

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