Bringing School pupils into contact with amputees through sport.

STEEL BONES is a registered charity, working to connect and support the amputee community. The charity provides news and the latest development on stump health, signpost useful services including therapists, health professionals, personal trainers and also provide flexible careers opportunities through affiliates and supporters.  

An important strand to the charity’s work is education. The charity aims to dispel any negative or preconceived ideas about amputees, and plans to educate both children and adults about the facts and reality of living with limb loss.

STEEL BONES offer a series of short, two-hour sports events to Primary school children delivered by qualified coaches but supported by amputees.

These events, known as Limitless (Limb-it-Less) games, are to be delivered in schools and involve an opening talk from a STEEL BONES Ambassador followed by 2 hours of Inclusive sports facilitated by the STEEL BONES sports team and supported by amputees.

Emma Joy Staines, Founder of Steel Bones says “We are thrilled to be working with Steve Morley, to offer this essential education to schools and communities around East Anglia and plan to roll out the events across the UK over the coming months”.

The objectives for the Limb-it-less games are two-fold:

  1. The interaction of amputees and children through a shared sporting experience helps to challenge assumptions and break down barriers. It helps to overcome the “fear factor” This is different and therefore scary.
  2. Secondly it helps the amputees, many of which may be new, with their rehabilitation”.
    Trustee, Steve Morley, has extensive experience of delivering this type of sports event in schools around East Anglia, Essex and London.

Steve Morley says “There are surely few things more traumatic than losing a limb. Coming to terms with a person’s new physical self can be a long and for some a painful journey. In some cases, self-esteem is threatened and people lose confidence. Working with children can be enormously empowering. Playing games alongside young children in a safe and secure school environment will, in my view, be of tremendous benefit to any amputee and particularly to someone struggling with finding their way after a recent amputation”.

For more information on how to book an event, please contact