My name is Laura Cartmill I am 27 years old I have a rare eye condition called Aniridia which means I have no iris in either eye it is a enlarged pupil having Aniridia makes it very difficult in any light I wear tinted glasses to help I also have autism sometimes I find it really difficult in a big crowd and meeting new people can be difficult.
I play football at the Devon ability counts league it is a league for people with all different disabilities we play tournaments about once a month against all other teams to be involved with other
people with disabilities it has really helped me it really builds up your confidence I have also helped my football coach a few years back at the tournaments we was called the dream team.
Now with that confidence I am doing a challenge for steel bones my challenge is 1 thousand miles in 200 days I will be doing 5 miles everyday by doing different things by running,walking and
cycling my challenge starts on 30th of July 2018 to the 15th of February 2019 I am fundraising for steel bones because they do do a incredible job  they support amputees and their families through
their challenges every day they change so many lives without the support of steel bones  there would be so many amputees isolated and not sure what to do with their support they will have the
confidence to try new things.
Anything is possible!!