On Saturday 28th October Bury Bowl hosted a group from local Charity STEEL BONES.

STEEL BONES are an organisation working to connect and support the amputee community.

The regular family fun social events offer an essential lifeline to many amputee families who have become increasingly isolated due to the trauma they have experienced.

Emma Joy Staines, Founder of STEEL BONES says “It is essential these families come together and draw strength from each other’s experiences. The peer support we offer is second to none and enables an amputee family to not only have fun, and feel special but also to meet other amputee families who truly know what life can be like living with amputation.”

Bury Bowl offered discounted rates and the Bury St Edmunds Councillors provided the funding to make it possible. With the Council and local business uniting this enabled the amputee families to have an afternoon of fun, laughter and a real respite from the challenges they face on a daily basis.

Emma continues “It was a truly fantastic afternoon where amputee families could enjoy bowling amongst friends and share their own experiences with each other. We are thrilled at the level of support the local business community and councillors have shown us and we can’t thank them enough”.

Here’s what some of the families said:

“It was so good seeing our Poppy doing something like this again” Odette

“A great family get together and a chance to meet friends old and new” David

“It was amazing to see my children make friends with other children from amputee families, and have fun together” Leigh