We are working on raising inclusive awareness for employers. We will be very grateful if you can share what questions or tricky situations relating to your amputation have you been asked by colleagues or employers? We would love to know the good, the bad and the ugly, all experiences are so helpful.  Please write any you have experienced no matter how silly or irrelevant, will help us give the business the full picture. It will all be kept anonymous and you can send it to leigh@steelbone.co.uk

Here are some of the comments we have received already  – thank you to those who have contributed

I’ve always been treated with utmost care and respect by my employer, County Council.
I get treated like everybody else, & I love it! I would hate to be treated differently all my work lot are a lovely bunch & leave me to it! But if I was to ask for help I’m absolutely sure they would help me, the same as I would them! I’m also allowed to wear shorts all year round to ensure comfort & it also allows me to cycle to work which is fab
Make sure to ask for things like desk assessments, evacuation plans (PEEPs) and anything else you need. Any employer worth their salt will be happy to provide the
Encourage them to treat any disabled person as a person – not as a statistic.  I have been very lucky with both of my employers and they make allowances to cater for my needs. Ask questions and don’t just assume.