In January 2023 The Board officially welcomed 4 new Trustees.  BIG THANK YOU to everyone who was keen to join us and help, we have an overwhelming response and look very forward to working with the new Trustees as well as with those keen to support us on some specific projects.

You can read more about our new Trustees …

Hi I am Kate.  I have been aware of Steel Bones and the support they give to civilian amputees for many years. I think my first recollection of Steel Bones was whilst at Addenbrookes disablement services where I saw Steel Bones being advertised.

I have been a below knee amputee for nearly 21 years an and also have an upper limb difference since birth. I have tried not to allow my disability to rule my life, but I am very aware that at times it can take over every aspect of my life, both physically and mentally.I have enjoyed attending several celebration days with Steel Bones and have welcomed Steel Bones support when I have needed it.

A bit about me. I’ve been a nurse for nearly 30 years. starting my career in orthopaedics and general surgery. And for the last 21 years, I have been an occupational health specialist nurse, 20 of those within the NHS. Last year, I jumped ship and now work in the private sector, which can be just as stressful and rewarding in equal measures. In my day-to-day role, I support people in the workplace who is health may affect work or whose work may affect their health.

I make recommendations to management in line with the disability criteria for the equality act. I support employees with both physical  and mental health needs.

In my other life, I am a wife to Craig, a mum to Ellis, a step mum to Rachel, Tom and Owen, and a Nana to Elsie(6 months old). I love nothing more than the family round for a big roast dinner.  My other passion is live music, and there is no better band in the world than the levellers!!

I look forward to my new chapter with Steel Bones as a Trustee,

be I have working within Housing and enforcement sector for the last 9 years. I volunteering at a Steel Bones Celebration day and applied to a Trustee member after my family becoming involved with the organisation following an amputation. I hope I can bring a new perspective to the organisation through the lived experiences of family who are impacted by an amputation and all the highs and lows that go with this transition. I love gardening in my allotment, visiting music festivals and spending time with my cherished cocker spaniel. I am so proud to be joining Steel Bones!

Hi! I’m Sean Gibbons and I’m delighted to have been accepted as a Trustee for Steel Bones. My wonderful wife Kaze has been a member for around over four years and it has made a huge difference to her confidence and wellbeing.

There is a great atmosphere due to the fantastic people involved and I was thrilled to meet many of you at the 2022 Celebration Day. It was truly inspiring to see what you have accomplished as a community of like-minded people and to enjoy a great day in person.

My background is based in technology; I worked in a research centre from 18 years old maintaining equipment used in the manufacture of integrated circuits the trained as an field engineer for brown goods before moving to computer equipment in 1988. I’ve worked in sectors such as managed services; hotels; telecoms; retail & corporate field & onsite support; pharmaceutical; public sector and am now with a Japanese trading company.

Outside my family of Kaze, our two sons & mad dachshund, my passion is sport; I play League cricket and darts as well as 5-a-side football. I hold both football & cricket coaching badges and am Club Safeguarding Officer for my cricket club as well as being on the management committee. I’m a qualified First Aider and Mental Health First Aider as I wanted to give something back to family, friends and colleagues.

I enjoy reading, food, music, food, walking the mad dachshund, food, and anything Kaze tells me to do!! Oh, and food!  I hope to use my perspective as a carer & husband of an amputee to benefit this exceptional charity in any way I can. It’s great to be involved and I look forward to meeting as many of you in the coming weeks, months & years.

Edward Bye… I have lived in Suffolk most of my life so far apart from when studying BA (hons) Dance ay university in Northampton, and working away as a dancer. I moved in with my sister and brother-in-law at a young age, my brother-in-law being an amputee, I witnessed and supported with the day-to-day difficulties and achievements an amputee faces, this I’s the reason I chose to support steelbones and the community the charity helps.

After leaving university I worked as a professional dancer and performer away from Suffolk in various roles. In 2016 Following a family loss I returned to Suffolk. It is then I began a career in adult health care working as a cafe assistant in a residential care setting. In the 7 years that have passed i have progressed into multiple roles including moving and handling and dementia trainer, voices representative, palliative care champion, resulting in my current role of residential manager. Being part of a management team running a 60-bed residential care home with 80-100 staff members.

Alongside my residential role I have co owned a local dance school, and continued performing at a variety of venues/audiences. I aim to bring my creative, caring and leadership skills to steel bones to support the amazing work the charity does.