We had a major breakthrough for a Steel Bones family we have been working with the last few months.  They reached crisis point a few weeks ago and it became impossible to get their daughter to school.  Their school had been battling for over a year to get school transport in place to prevent such an emergency situation occurring. As many of us know only too well unfortunately things slip through the net and constant chasing becomes too much to bear !  So we were very happy to help bolster the push by speaking with their local Councillor, Councillor Louis Busuttill who was extremely helpful pushing this through.  We also emailed their MP who is Rt Hon Matt Hancock and from personal experience we know he is a fantastic MP !!

Within 16 hours school transport was put in place for this amputee’s child ABSOLUTELY THRILLED, this takes a huge daily worry off their shoulders at a time of crisis. It was a fantastic, co ordinated effort between school, charity, local council and MP.  Local Politics working at its best and having a phenomenal impact.

Don’t hesitate to go to your local councillors or MPs for help. I think Matt Hancock is a particularly outstanding MP but it is worth every single chase and if you get exhausted of the chasing please let Steel Bones know. We have done this as I am sure many of you have with all sorts of things. it is hard to push when in crisis or so many other things going on.  Lean on those around you to help push things through together we are much stronger.

We are just thrilled to have a little good news for this family #perseverance #ampfamily #amplife #steelBonesWay #littleWins