SOME EXCITING NEWS FOR BLUE BADGE HOLDERS AND HOSPITAL PARKING – please see the car parking charges removed for blue badge holders at this document: NHS car parking guidance 2021 for NHS trusts and NHS foundation trusts – Trusts were required to implement this by the end of April 2021.

We have been speaking to hospitals who have not yet implemented this – please  bear in mind we are just listing hospitals we have been told about many others do this too.  Please let us know your experiences by emailing so we can keep everyone updated on the progress of the implementation of this programme which will help so many families.

  1. Addenbrookes – they are just waiting for this to go live on the system so should be very soon.  More blue badge spaces will be placed near to the temporary wards being erected and we are waiting on specific location on these.
  2. Lister Hospital – Waiting for a response
  3. Goole and Scunthorpe – have implemented this
  4. Preston Hospital – has new procedures to implement this as detailed in photo below
  5. Blackpool have implemented this
  6. Queen Elizabeth London have implemented this
  7. Ipswich and Colchester Hospitals have implemented this





Here’s some links to further information on Blue Badge parking: