Steel Bones were thrilled to be invited to join the National Citizenship Scheme in their Social Action project presentations.

We had a team of volunteers who delivered 5 workshops in total across the region from Newmarket to Peterborough.  The team were extremely impressed with the maturity of every group.  The workshops lasted an hour and saw the team share the Snowdon Adventure video along with a short presentation on how Steel Bones has grown and the daily challenges which amputees face.  The group than had the opportunity to ask questions and each one was brilliant and extremely insightful.

The talk was followed by a couple of short workshops on prosthetics and challenges.  The team loved delivering these and meeting the young people involved.  2 of the groups ended up choosing Steel Bones as their social action project, which we were just thrilled about and both groups are currently busy raising funds and awareness to build our work further.

Paul Clark added ” Working with the NCS program has been amazing, to see lots of teenagers interested to learn about amputation and support amputees is fantastic. The groups were a pleasure to work with and they asked some great questions during our talks. I look forward to workling with the NCS program again in the future.”

THANK YOU TO EVERYONE INVOLVED ! we are passionate about working with young people, they are the next generation and key to our future.