Happy news 🎉🎉🎉We are doing the happy dance right now as we love hearing from amputees we have helped and how their progress is going. We have many amazing stories of incredibly courageous, determined amp families who have overcome such tricky situations. Sue wanted us to let you all know that she was in a very bad spot recently feeling hopeless and like there was no way out due to social services being awkward and much needed health equipment failing !! BUT she pushed herself to give us a call and we started making enquiries

HOWEVER before we even made 3 calls Sue rang us back to say just speaking to us about her problems and having someone who listened and wanted to help gave her the courage to battle on. Sue rang her GP and within a phone call there were several meetings in place and professionals were given the kick up the backside they needed !!

There’s no substitute for a good pair of listening ears and sounding each other out – we must ensure we help each other, as we do so often and so well, to battle on to secure what we are entitled to and what we need to enjoy life to the Max !! Power to the Amputee Families 🙂