Steel Bones loves working with amputee families to help them realise their goals. Quite often equipment is much needed which is out of the social care and health budgets – we can help find grant funding to make this possible.  We can also submit applications to funders who prefer to hear from charities on your behalf.

We have submitted various applications to Glasspool Trust and local trusts to secure white goods for families.

Here’s a list of ideas for fundraising ideas for sports funding and other essential equipment.  Take a look through it and let us know if there’s anything we can help with further: 

Justgiving Page – football cards are always a great way and great fun so easy to run:

Douglas Bader Foundation – worth sending them an email and asking if they can consider to support or have any suggestions.

Emailing local MP and local councillors – always extremely useful

There’s some fantastic ones at this link:

At the bottom of this web link there are Some Useful ones

Not sure if these are useful as more for Mobility and respite but worth a look

Local football club or your own sports team you support  – ask them to share the link across social media and write to the chairman ask if they or the players can consider making a donation no matter how small or big it will all help or write to the players individually

Contact Limpower for their advice: they will have access to sports england funding and be in the know of existing sports funds

Write to all local businesses but given covid times only focus on supermarkets – see of you can do bucket shakes, or technology companies or online firms but times are hideously tough right now due to covid

a useful grants search tool can be found here.  It is generally used for people in hardship – however it is always worth looking:

Contact your local Lord Lieutenant for their thoughts and again they may share the link on their social media:

Check if any of your previous employment has any charitable trusts for instance, nursing, firefighters, police, catering industry, hairdressers and many more. If Google does not come up with any please contact who can run a search to see whats available.