just a little about myself quickly!

My name is Graham Edwards and February of last year ’17 I had a below knee amputation due to being born with club foot (Bilaterial). there was nothing more medically they could do for my feet so the decision was made to amputate my right lower limb because that was the worst and most painful.

since my operation I have found a new less of life and I have done a few Triathlons, Duathlon and taken part in a coastal path marathon. I’m now starting talks with surgeons to start the process to have my left lower leg amputated which would make me a bilateral amputee. the challenge I’ve set myself this year is to take part in ‘The Dartmoor Classic Sportive`, I’ve chosen to do the middle distance which is 67 miles (Medio) in and around Dartmoor National Park.

I’ve never cycled this distance before but I’m training hard in order to complete the distance but its not just the distance which will be challenging it the endless hills that you’ll find in Dartmoor and some of them are as steep 20% assent, which for the most seasoned of cyclist would be a challenge never mind only having one leg. All my life I’ve not stopped living life to the fullest and never allowed my club foot to hold me back and the same goes for my amputation! My prosthetic works way better then my foot ever did and better then my left side too. I will complete the Dartmoor Classic and I will do it in a competitive time to! I’ll be smiling once I’ve crossed that finish line but I’m sure my legs will be screaming and crying for me to quit but I don’t know those words! Even if it takes me all day I will finish and I’ll know that I’ve been able to pay it forward and help those that help those that need support in the wider community that STEEL BONES helps to support.


Steel Bones wants to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU TO Graham for choosing us to benefit from his huge challenge !! We shall be cheering for you Graham, you are an inspiration to everyone around you !!! To sponsor to Graham’s phenomenal fundraising challenge please click here: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/graham-edwards10