Cambridgeshire based charity Steel Bones (for civilian amputees) is appealing to all amputees across the east anglia region to join their fast growing Fitness Club.

The fitness programme launched on 27th September, takes place every Wednesday from 7pm – 8pm at Inspire Fitness Gym, Mildenhall.

Every week the club addresses nutritional education, healthy lifestyle essentials plus a simple functional exercise programme appropriate for each participant.

Marc Pitman, a member of the Steel Bones Fitness Club says: “As an amputee, I am interested in keeping healthy and fit. For years I have searched for a fitness club that could support my needs but I couldn’t find one that catered for people like me, with a disability. I then discovered the Steel Bones Fitness Club where other amputees are being coached by Steve Morley, an instructor with experience working specifically with special populations. Perfect!”

STEEL BONES charity operates on a completely voluntary basis, working to connect the amputee community, create friendships and provide an extensive, proactive support network.

Steve Morley, Inclusion Coach and Trustee at Steel Bones UK says “It is a real privilege to deliver the weekly Steel Bones Fitness Club. As an Inclusion Coach I believe that everyone should have the same opportunities to improve their fitness. So I am 100% behind this project. I am so impressed with the commitment of all attendees and everyone has made significant improvements to both their overall strength and core stability”.

We are appealing to anyone with limb loss, who would like to improve their overall health and fitness and make some new friends along the way! Please get in touch to start your new fitness journey with Steel Bones.

The first session is free, and the following 5 sessions will be charged at £15.00 per person, covering all costs.

To book a place at the Steel Bones Fitness Club, email or call 07809 244895.

Alternatively the Steel Bones facebook page can be found here

Take a look at the Steel Bones Fitness Club video for more information: