Hope by Kate Elliott

December 2021

I say the word

Yet do I dare

To hope for the things I truly desire?

Acceptance and love for those left out

Peace in a world where conflict prevails

Health for those who suffer

Company and love for the lonely

Nurture and respect for our world

I say the word

Loud and strong

And I know that I must act

For hope is not passive

It is not a wish granted from a tinsel wand

It is not eyes shut as clocks chime

Or as a bone splinters in a hand

It is not passive

I say the word again

It urges

For I know that hope requires much more from me

It challenges me to be my best

To make a difference

To grasp a nettle

To seize a moment

To face a foe

To do new each day

Hope doesn’t whisper; she shouts out

Act! Speak out!


And yet I keep my eyes tight shut

And wish for all good things.

But hope opens my eyes and my mind

To all that can be possible.

I say the word


And I take a step towards the future

St Nicholas by Stuart Underwood

Tiny eyes, as heavy as lead, fight against the grip of sleep.

Little ears like delicate shells strain to hear hooves and bells.

Not wanting to give up wakefulness tiny faces sparkle brightly in the icy glow of the moonlight.

Santa Claus is on his way, bearing gifts to please young hearts as three wise men did to the boy child on the first Noel.

All the children want to see the jolly old man clad in bright red with pure white beard and hair.

Sleep little ones, St Nicholas will only visit when you’re deep in fabulous dreams to deliver all the love the world possesses.


Poems of Courage in Elizabeth Legacy of Hope Book of Poetry 


Smiling Bravely by Joanna Lumley OBE

When the world seems dark and gloomy

When you don’t know what to say

When you’re frightened, when you’re lonely

Know that it will be okay.


Walking slowly, breathing quickly,

Facing problems day by day,

Smiling Bravely, please be hopeful,

Knowing it will be okay.


We’re all in this boat together,

We shall chase your blues away,

talk to someone,

Write to someone,

Knowing it will be okay.

You can buy a copy of the book here: https://www.whsmith.co.uk/products/elizabeths-poetry-of-hope/hardback/9781399910682.html?gclid=CjwKCAiAksyNBhAPEiwAlDBeLB9EfGIGss1FflYmArBXFcgD-NhTR8OZICbXx-cvq07UaSuhoGGrvRoC4mEQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds

SNOW by Stuart Underwood

The snowflake fell as soft as love Coating the fields and trees with a layer of pure innocence.

The cold lay on the world keeping the sensible creatures deep in their homes.

Noses twitching to know when it would be possible for them to venture so very carefully into the crisp morning sun.

The remains of the storm vanished with the wind into the distance.

Leaving the beauty that only Mother Nature can provide.

Nothing would disturb the perfection of the snowfall leaving just the eyes of the birds in flight to see the crimson brilliance exploding off the landscape.