My name is Joseph Wright I’m 23 years old and I became an amputee in Sept 2020.

I am RBK . I love anything to do with sports and before my operation I was just qualified personal trainer  .

I live with my mother and younger brother and my brother Mark is into gaming and marvel films . My mother is called Carla and she likes cooking and decorating.  I like to play chess with my brother and as a family the best thing we do is sit down together and have a nice family meal and watch films. Due to Covid its difficult to go anywhere as nothing open . I don’t have a name for my stump at the moment but I’m sure I will find one soon.

My biggest concern about being an amputee is not being able to wear my prosthetic leg. I got my leg in Dec 2020 and now on 2nd socket. Sometimes it fluctuates with swelling and phantom pains which gets frustrating at times. I’m looking to go back into fitness and increase my training as I want to achieve the best I can and be stronger and fitter mentally and physically . I don’t want to let anything stop me from doing the things that I want to achieve and having a healthy lifestyle I believe is the key.

My biggest challenge was climbing up 3 flights of stairs and landings where I live as no lift . It was something i had to do when i left the hospital as i had no choice in getting to my door. That was very difficult and i was so tired when i got to the top of staircase . I would have to keep taking little stops .

Me and my family looked online to see if there was any help with advice or anyone in the same situation as me . As myself and my mother had very little information.

We found Steel bones and subscribed online. We received a welcome pack which was so kind and had lots of information about everything that we had not heard about. Very useful information. Also we are so grateful to Steel bones because the support they have given not just to me but all of us as a family has been phenomenal.  It’s about people knowing and understanding and relating to how you are getting on and being so supportive with any aspect that arises.

I hope to accomplish to continue in sport and being the best I can be and help others to feel motivated about themselves also. I am only going to get fitter and stronger and a better me.