What’s your name, how old are you? My name is Isobel and I’m 14
Who lives with you and how old are they? Tell us a little bit about them what are their favourite colours or hobbies? My mum(42) My dad(45) My brother Josh(11) and my dog Loki(1) Mum and dad like reading and going to the gym, Mum’s favourite colour is baby blue. Josh like video games and his favourite colour is purple.

Loki likes walks and throwing balls.

When did you become an amputee? 12th May 2020

What was the biggest concern of being an amputee? How people see me and that they only see me as an amputee

Were you able to work as an amputee? How do you spend your days? I can go to school fine and get around alright

What’s been the biggest challenge you have had to overcome and how did you overcome it? Getting used to it and being independent. I now get myself drinks.

What’s your family’s favourite thing to do? Holidays abroad.

Have you got any funny memories that have happened since your amputation? Laughing with my friends every day at school.

When did you come across Steel Bones? What does Steel Bones do for your family? when my mum was looking up stuff to do with amputations. Steel bones gave my family support.

What would you most like to achieve? Small or big is there one thing you hope to accomplish? I want to do a job I really like and live life to the fullest.

From Isobel xx