On 5th December we launched the Steel Bones OpCare Club in Norwich.

Mark Deer, Operations Manager of the East for OpCare hosted our group brilliantly as ever. We had a great turnout from families using the Norwich Prosthetic Centre. Attendees were able to talk together about their own experiences which is always so invaluable.

Steel Bones were able to treat every attendee to some small treats from Father Christmas for the family members.

It was great to hear about all the different things everyone is doing. We particularly enjoyed meeting Debbie Homewood who played a key role in pushing for the Government to Fund the MPK I know many of you will be keen to meet her and thank her for her tireless efforts as the MPK has been life changing for so many.

Mark treated the attendees to a tour around the Centre which was a fantastic insight for everyone there.

We much look forward to the next meeting which will be at the end of February. If you live in or near Norwich we would love to meet you there.

Here’s what some of the attendees thought: “We really enjoyed meeting you all & we are both looking forward to the next meeting” (John and Janet)

“It Was an excellent afternoon Thank you for organising it.” (Lynn)