Wow the amputee community continues to stagger me day in day out and the power of social media to untie and connect us all is phenomenal.

I met a new amputee Melanie online and in talking she told me she was being sent an amputee bear made just like herself, well I loved the sound of it and I loved how excited Melanie was awaiting her bear.  I immediately asked who and Melanie introduced me to Andrea just about 2 weeks ago.  Andrea is an amputee herself who has dedicated her time to making personalised knitted dolls which are just like their new owners.

Andrea, 57 year old British Grandmother, decided to have her leg amputated sooner rather than later due to her Diabetes and in recovery wanted to keep her fingers and hands very busy so she started knitting for amputee families.  Click on this news story to read more about Andrea:

I mentioned to Andrea that my children would simply adore one of her special dolls and she said no problem let me add you to the list, of course I expected to wait a long time, months until she got to us as I knew there were a few new families about to undergo the amputation process who would need theirs urgently.  I didn’t care how long we had to wait just loved the fact she was willing to make us one.  However a mere week later she was in touch to say our Doll was ready, I was bowled over, Andrea is most definitely a Superwoman spreading kindness and love throughout the amputee community.

Andrea told me not to worry about any payment as she gets wool donated but of course we made a small donation to her to help cover postage and materials.  However not once did she ever ask for this we just wanted to contribute to the good work she is doing.

I will never be able to thank Andrea enough for such a priceless gift for our family.  Our children, Teddy (7 years) and Sally (5 years) are absolutely smitten with him.  they can even unbutton the prosthetic leg to give Daddy bear, as they call him, a rest and they have not let him out of their sight.

Daddy Bear has spoken a million words of reassurance and love to them and will continue to do so for a lifetime.  It is even more special knowing that Daddy Bear was made with such care and love from another amputee who will know exactly what my husband endures. Daddy Bear even bears our family football team on him, which my kids were staggered at – he will definitely be staying with us for life.

Thank you Andrea for doing what you do with such generous kindness, skill and attention to detail.

Here’s our special thank you to Andrea for our newest family member….