We are so thrilled that Steel Bones Club @ Clinic 9 has launched.  We had a fantastic turn out for what was a brilliant session with Mark Deer, Regional Manager for OpCare.  Mark and his team ensured we were well catered with teas, coffees, fruit and some delicious cakes.

We met in Room 5, which many of us know well and spent a good couple hours chatting to Mark about the exciting changes happening at Clinic 9 which include an exciting launch of its renovated facilities in June which will have some special guests so keep tuned once all is confirmed we shall let you know.  We met many other members of the Team who are staying in post for a good long time and there’s also new staffing procedures on longer handover times and they are brining in some temporary staff to cover holiday so it doesn’t build up. The new team seemed fantastic and more than happy to answer all our questions.

Mark explained there’s a rejuvenated Gait Lab which is underused and they would love to make more use of it so when you see your clinicians please ask for an appointment with Tom in the Gait Lab as it’s imperative to ensuring your balance.  The Gait Lab holds a host of amazing technology which monitors your walking and is highly sophisticated so please do make use of this facility !!

Mark is keen to hear open and honest feedback on all aspects. Thee are patient feedback forms in the reception so please fill this in after every visit. Mark is keen on open communication and is a member of our Facebook group so any problems or queries or issues you are experiencing please let us know and Mark will happily do what he can to
Resolve them. Please don’t sit there not knowing whether to ask or not if it’s bothering you ask away and we will get you the information and supplies you need 🙂

We spent some time talking through different Prosthetic options and it’s really important you speak to your clinician about all your needs and desires.  For instance do you want to wear flip flops now the sun is shining? If so just mention this and there’s a whole host of different feet they can look at.

Mark also explained a group of clinicians are heading out to Africa with Legs for Africa with lots of used prosthetics to supply to local villages out there. More news on this as it happens but we thought this was a fantastic idea and can’t wait to hear more !!

Mark finished the launch with a tour of the facilities, there’s lots of building work going on still but it’s shaping up so nicely and apparently artwork is being installed to really cheer up those dire consultation rooms plus a special mural in the children’s room.

We decided the Steel Bones Clinic 9 Group would meet quarterly our next meeting being in June at the exciting launch of Clinic 9’s new facilities.

We are excited to see it and huge huge congratulations to Mark and his fantastic team on everything that’s happening we very much look forward to learning more about the clinic at future meetings.