Our wonderful supporters at Churchill House, Soham Village College have come up with another FANTASTIC fundraising idea !!  Heres some info from them on this very exciting project underway …

“Churchill House have launched their major fundraising campaign for the year called “Change for Change”. It will involve collecting a large amount of loose change over the next few months and spelling out the name of the house charity “Steel bones”. Hopefully we can collect enough to make the letters really large as we plan to produce a video of the event which will involve filming from a drone. It would be great if any Churchill families out there could help out by collecting all the small coins and sending them in each Friday. There will be prizes for the form group that collects the most.”

If anyone has any change to contribute to this challenge please get in touch and we shall ensure the students have it.  The spelling out day is set for after Easter so lots of time to save your pennies. Once its spelt out we do believe the students are going to navigate a drone to create a video project around it.

WE LOVE CHURCHILL HOUSE and so so grateful to Mr Schmidt and all the students for what they are ding to hep us help more amputee families.