Our OPcare Steel Bones Prosthetic Club met in Cambridge on a cold January evening.  We had a fantastic catch up with Mark Deer from Opcare. Massive thank you, as always to Mark for hosting it. It was really lovely to see new faces and familiar faces.

Mark updated us on everything happening at Opcare.  The key points were:

  1. OPcare currently employ around 700 people and manage wheelchairs, prosthetics and orthotic services.
  2. OPCare are undergoing a huge transition.  They have experienced significant growth over the last few years and have now invested time and new recruits in building the back office resources.
  3. The Prosthetic Review is continuing to progress and this should be implemented in April 2020.  For all latest updates on this review please register here: https://www.england.nhs.uk/commissioning/spec-services/npc-crg/group-d/d01/prosthetics-review/
  4. As of 1st April, OpCare will no longer be managing the Colchester Prosthetic Service.
  5. Staff turnover has reduced significantly at Clinic 9.  They will soon be having students visit for work experience form the Prosthetic and Orthotic University Courses.


Mark was able to show us some of the prosthetic equipment to help a number of amputees there and their families understand what to expect at different stages. We also had the brilliant opportunity to talk through the types of devices available. There is always heaps happening at this centre and we are very lucky to have a fantastic team there passionate about seeing amputees accomplish their goals. It is an INVALUABLE opportunity to be able to have that 121 conversation with Mark and his team.  They appreciate all positive and negative feedback and are passionate about providing the very best service for us.

Thanks once again everyone for attending and much look forward to seeing you at one of the future Clubs.