In January, local Charity Steel Bones were approached by a fab group of ladies who are all trained by Coach Lee our Brandon Amputee Fitness Club Instructor. They had seen how much the Abbeycroft Brandon instructor, Lee loves training our club attendees and also heard about the incredible progress the attendees had made by entering their first power lifting competition, reducing anxiety medication AND getting back on a treadmill after years of being unable to due to a nasty fall! The ladies asked specifically to raise funds to support the attendees’ development and confidence building to keep pushing through their goals.

An AMAZING crowd of people joined for this special cake sale fundraiser. Steel Bones wants to thank all those who came bought cakes, raffle tickets and donated.  Jean, Sue, Diane, and all the wonderful ladies baked to their hearts content, collected raffle prizes, sold raffle tickets and raised an OUTSTANDING £1,000+ !!!! They organised and did EVERYTHING which is invaluable for small local charities lacking manpower to raise funds.

Leigh Joy-Staines, Co Founder of Steel Bones said: “Massive thank you to Coach Lee of Abbeycroft Brandon and these remarkable community heroes who regularly do this to help local Causes. You are SUPERSTARS . The Brandon fitness club attendees are absolutely bowled over and you have given them the best boost to push on.  A very simple idea of baking cakes and selling raffle tickets has done more than words can express for our community.  Brandon Abbeycroft does have a very unique community feel and it is the perfect home for our amputee fitness club.  We are very lucky to have Abbeycroft’s support and these ladies really are the icing on the cake”

Coach Lee said “Abbeycroft Brandon is a very special place full of amazing people and I feel very privileged to work with them and help them achieve their goals.”

Lauren, Centre Manager of Abbeycroft Brandon said “it is incredible when our members support one another in this way, I am very proud of the community we have here and at times like this so important to see us all supporting one another”

Jean who is a massive Rod Stewart fan even donated all proceeds of selling beloved signed photos of Mr Stewart and framed a special song of his “NEVER EVER GIVE UP” just so apt for our Community !

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