We were invited to Join Pace Rehab at their annual conference once again not he fabulous location of the Wellcome Collection amputee specialists, professionals, amputees and prosthetists all joined together to look at how the industry has moved forward.


This was our second time attending and it was another successful event so massive thank you to PACE for

Organising and inviting us.  For full information on the day click here: http://www.pacerehab.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/Pace%20Confrence%20Programme%202018.pdf


All the speakers were phenomenal but I must say I learnt masses listening to their Physiotherapist in regards to Socket fit and that a mere half stone change in weight can have huge impact on the prosthetic fitting you correctly.


I must say I always do feel disappointed at these events that the most phenomenal prosthetics which are available in the private sector Are not anywhere near the NHS price realm. Also the information and advice given at the event is often completely new to anything I have heard before.


It does Show what huge disparity there is between the Private and NHS provision, which is as a result of cost.  I think the NHS Prosthetic Review is enabling NHS patients to think thoroughly through the service they have received which is a fantastic opportunity for everyone to have their say.  It was on everyone’s minds at this years conference which created some daily heated and lively debates on the huge differences that exist. I for one Thought it was fantastic to have this forum to discuss it and talk it over and think it would be amazing for NHS and Private sector to work more closely together but we shall see what comes from the Prosthetic Review.


Here’s some slides from the very first talk which give excellent tips we should all know or be reminded of ….