We are seeing unprecedented demand for housing support as we know so many are being discharged to inaccessible housing or even to travelodges across the country in a few cases for months until accessible housing is found.

We have a Housing expert who is always keen to help provide you with the advocacy you deserve to find the right accomdation.  Unfortunately, we cannot wave a magic wand and create houses immiedately but we can provide the back up to ensure services move as swiftly as possible.

Here’s some top tips when dealing with Housing crisis:

  1. Know you are not alone
  2. Don’t give up
  3. Keep chasing your housing officer, put as much in writing as possible, that way you can keep a clear record of things
  4. Reach out for help early, don’t ignore it – soemtimes it is too late for us to be able to do anything but with help as soon as things start to happen we can do our best.
  6. Ask your Doctor/Consultant to write a letter detailing the impact it is having on you so you can add that to your application
  7. We have helped many families with emails to their MPs, Councillors and 8/10 they have a quick resolution, it really depends onhow good they are but you never know until you try so get in touch with us if you would like us to try this.

Check out these links for further support: