– AIM, Amputation Inspiration and Motivation (North West England) – Jackie Aim Palmer
– Cambridge and Norwich Steel Bones Prosthetic Clubs: Leigh Joy-Staines and Colin Phelps
– Manchester Amputee Fitness Initiative (Manfit) – Margaret Tyson
– Manchester Prosthetic Users’ Association (Greater Manchester & those attending the SACM) – Richard Zacharzewski
– Newcastle Amputees (Northumberland) – Gordon Sanderson
– West Midlands Amputee Support Group – Sharon Felton and Sharon Mason Roberts
– Wrexham Limb Service Support Group – Belinda Spink
– STEP UP LUTON – Andy Mann
– FACTS Northampton (For Amputees Care Team Support) – Doug Draper
– OPUS – Orthotic and Prosthetic Users (RNOH) – Sandra Staffiero

Scotland: Finding Your Feet

– Amps & Carers UK – Chris Barker
– Amputee Friends UK – Gracie Matthews, Lindsey Guilbert, Clair Louise Smith, Lou Venita
– Amputee Shoe Swap – Sally Austin
– Arm Amputees – Rob Mitchell
– Armless Amputees – Pinky Wright
– Fitamputee – James Roberts
– Manchester Amputee Fitness Initiative (Manfit) – Margaret Tyson
– Never Stumped for Family – Jamie Gane
– NHS Prosthetic Users – Kiera Roche & Gwyneth Price
– No LIMBits – Leslie Lawrie
– Nottingham Amputee Page – Allyson Irvine
– Pace Rehabilitation Group – Scott Richardson
Standing Together and Holding on – Claire Holliday
– UK amputees – Ricky Cahill

Global Facebook Groups

This info is taken from the fantastic Amputee Sense’ host, Susan Lane.   Just wanted to share a few other Small Groups, That have similar of basic philosophy with different types of support to offer in different Locations. Education is key and knowledge is power!

Amputee Sense
Susan Lane, Daniel Waters, Christine Caron& David Gurney

Amputees of North Georgia
Richard C Majors & Tina Hutfles Majors

Amputee of North Western Ontario- Canada
Kays Torbiak & Susan Lane

Amp* Unity- Canada
Andrea Swallow &Julie Fanucchi

The Quad Squad -Based in Australia
Korrin Barrett & Mandy McCraken
For all Quad’s worldwide

My Handicapable Life -a variety of disabilities and a lot of humor!
Kevin A Moss & Tara Sauls

Amputee workouts with Kay Torbiak

Fitness, Nutrition and Mindset for Amputees
James Murray

Skills for life: Bilateral Upper Limb Loss Workshop
Shawn Swanson Johnson & Henry Barnaby III

Simply Sepsis a Global Initiative
Clare Hale & Co.

Absolutely Motivated- non-Amputee, for a little pick me up!
Abbie Wirick