Family Spotlight questions to the amputee

What’s your name, how old are you?  Sarah. 44!

Who lives with you and how old are they?  A chocolate lab (12) and a sprocker (7). One daughter (25) whom now lives in Devon.

Tell us a little bit about them what are their favourite colours or hobbies?  In order of the above, eating everything he shouldn’t and excitedly trying to chase seagulls! ☺️ My daughter enjoys doing up her car, banger/drift racing, lambing season, travelling, her job and seeing the old lab at weekends that she grew up with.

When did you become an amputee?  End of January 2016

Have you got a name for your “stump”?  Not really. I refer to it as stumpie or little leg

What was the biggest concern of being an amputee?  Would I ever make it back to a normal life

Were you able to work as an amputee?
Full time in a hospital

How do you spend your days?  Out of work, anything I can really ☺️ I try and have a nice time, more recently I tailor life according to little leg and adapt to suit (I’m due surgery soon). Prior to needing the surgery, I enjoyed trying as much as possible, everything felt new. Clambering over gates if out walking (it seems pointless to open them). Along with walking the path that maybe advises you not too, just for fun. I enjoy testing what I can do and what I can’t and I dare say pushing my luck at times ☺️ As an amputee born with a bone growth deformity, I find sometimes as an amputee I can experience things like for the first time or things that I never had opportunity to before growing up. It gives you a nice appreciation of things.

What’s been the biggest challenge you have had to overcome and how did you overcome it?  Learning to swim front crawl under water, coughing and spluttering (drawing attention to myself) at the same time as looking a bit different to everyone else and the first few cycles. I just kept doing it lots until it got easier/more natural. In the last year leading up to surgery, just being a bit more adaptable I guess and going with the flow of what little leg wants or does not want do, enjoy the things I can do and let it go over my head a mo the things I can’t. I decided pre-amputation not to set things in stone and this works for me.

What’s your family’s favourite thing to do?  Being outside, dog walking, camping which the dogs love, travelling, a few meals or bbq’s.

Have you got any funny memories that have happened since your amputation?  I forgot to take my leg on a camping holiday and had to drive home to fetch it!

When did you come across Steel Bones?  2 years ago

What does Steel Bones do for your family?  Steel Bones provides a close friend network with opportunity to actually meet up in person which is ace. The day we all meet up is fun, insightful and useful physically and mentally, along with some much welcomed pampering and spoiling. Advice and support is always on hand and some extra fun activities if you are up (or able) to take on a challenge. I love adhoc random things we are offered to do that we would not necessarily have opportunity to.

What would you most like to achieve?  Short term – to get back on my feet this year physically and mentally and get back out there having fun and being outside with the daughter and dogs

Small or big is there one thing you hope to accomplish?  Yeah, I’ll tell you next year! ☺️