Family Spotlight questions to the amputee

What’s your name, how old are you?  Kiera – 8 years old

Tell us a little bit about them what are their favourite colours or hobbies?   My favourite colour is orange and I love doing horse riding and playing football

Who lives with you and how old are they?   Daddy called Steve, Mummy called Rachel, My big brother Daniel 12 years old, another big brother Levi 11 years old, and my little sister Nieve 3 years old

When did you become an amputee?  When I was 1 year 10 days old

Have you got a name for your “stump”?  Little Leg

What was the biggest concern of being an amputee?   People might make fun of me.

Were you able to work as an amputee? How do you spend your days?  I go to school and I am in year 3

What’s been the biggest challenge you have had to overcome and how did you overcome it?   When I had to have some bone removed from my stump and it took me a long time to wear my leg again. I was worried my operation cut would burst open. It took lots of time and patience.

What’s your family’s favourite thing to do?   Having family time at home

Have you got any funny memories that have happened since your amputation?   Before I had a proper prosthetic Mummy says that I used to take off my leg and throw it out of the buggy when we went shopping

When did you come across Steel Bones? What does Steel Bones do for your family?   We came across Steel Bones 2016/2017. Steel Bones gives our family support, access to sports, activities, parties and family days.

What would you most like to achieve? Small or big is there one thing you hope to accomplish?   Always to be happy 😃